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5 Benefits of Using a Short-Term Rental Channel Manager

No vacation rental is complete without a handy channel manager and we’re here to tell you why. If you’re new to the business or even a vacation rental veteran, you’re going to want to get a short-term rental channel manager immediately.

5 Tips To Grow Vacation Rental Inventory

5 Tips To Grow Vacation Rental Inventory

While re-marketing to past guests to increase direct bookings is surely important, another important task is growing the inventory of vacation rental properties you manage.

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StayFi Partner Promotions and Deals
StayFi Product Update
Arthur Colker

StayFi Partner Promotions & Deals

Sign Up StayFi Launches Partner Promotions & Deals With Top Vacation Rental Software Providers & Consultants At StayFi, we have been busy building relationships with

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StayFi Occupancy Alerts
Arthur Colker

StayFi Launches Occupancy Alerts

Using StayFi occupancy alerts, you can set a unique guest threshold for each property and designate an email that will be alerted if that number is ever exceeded.

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StayFi Mesh WiFi Set-Up
Arthur Colker

StayFi Basics: WiFi Marketing For Vacation Rentals

We’ve all been to an airport, coffee shop, or hotel where you need to enter information like your name and email in order to use the guest WiFi network. StayFi was founded in 2018 to provide this same type of service for vacation rental properties.

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