StayFi Launches Email Marketing For Vacation Rentals

StayFi Switchback Email

StayFi & Switchback Email Launch The First Email Marketing Tool Built For Short-Term Rentals

Vacation rental WiFi company, StayFi, and vacation rental marketing agency, Switchback Email, announce the launch of their integrated email marketing tool to enhance the ability of short-term rentals operators to market directly to guests.

Email Marketing Built For Short-Term Rentals

StayFi and Switchback Email share the mission of providing short-term rental operators the tools they need to build more profitable guest relationships based on data. In order to advance this mission, StayFi and Switchback have teamed up to build the first email marketing tool designed for short-term rental operators using the Campaign Monitor Platform.

The StayFi | Switchback Email partnership will make it easy for short-term rental operators to effectively market to guests, homeowners, and other audiences easily from within the StayFi Portal. Leveraging guest data collected through StayFi’s innovative captive WiFi splash pages, this new platform will enable short-term rental operators of any size to quickly and easily start email marketing campaigns with expert input from Switchback.

StayFi Founder & CEO, Arthur Colker, said “The barriers for short-term rental operators of all sizes to accept direct bookings are lower than ever with modern PMS software, and now we are united with Switchback on making it easy for anyone to generate direct bookings and other revenue through effective email marketing.”

Switchback Co-Founder, Ryan Austin, said “We are thrilled for the opportunity to not only partner with StayFi but also be able to provide the short-term rental industry with professional email marketing. This partnership supports the success of property management companies on many levels, but the two essential KPIs are brand awareness and driving more direct bookings.”

How StayFi Email Works - Video Overview

How To Start With StayFi Email

These two articles provide more detail on how to get started with StayFi | Switchback Email:

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Arthur Colker

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