Webinar: Email Marketing For Vacation Rentals

Email Marketing For Vacation Rentals

Email & Text Marketing 101 For Vacation Rentals


In this webinar, Arthur Colker, the Founder & CEO of StayFi, will cover the basics of how to get started with email marketing and text marketing for vacation rentals. 

StayFi was founded in 2018 to help short-term rental & vacation rental operators achieve listing site independence. StayFi’s tools are designed to collect and monetize contact information through WiFi splashes and email/text marketing tools.

Initially, StayFi was built to collect data from every guest through branded, captive WiFi splash pages. As WiFi is the one system almost every guest interacts with, it made it a logical place to introduce an independent vacation rental brand and collect guest data. Next, in order to make the most of that data, StayFi built its own email and text marketing tools designed for short-term rentals. This webinar will dive into how to get started with those new marketing tools to make the most of the data you are collecting.

Webinar Goals

After watching this webinar, you should be able to do the following in StayFi:

  • Learn how to set up Email Automation in StayFi’s email marketing tool so you can start “set it and forget” marketing.
  • Learn how to use Data Personalization “merge fields” to make emails feel custom when they are actually generic.
  • How 1-way text messaging marketing with StayFi can amplify your message and increase upsells, ancillary revenue, and repeat bookings.

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Arthur Colker

Arthur Colker

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