Vacation Rental WiFi That Greets Every Guest With Your Brand

Start seamlessly collecting data from every vacation rental guest with custom-branded WiFi splash pages.

Simple & Effective

How WiFi Splash Pages Work

Guest selects the WiFi network

You can easily control your network name within StayFi

Guest enters in their information

This page appears once they select your network

Guest is redirected to any website

You can improve their stay with links to valuable resources

Collect & Authenticate

Verified Guest Data

Collect verified data from 80%+ of all guests who stay in your properties

StayFi partners with Zero Bounce to ensure that every email you collect is real
Every guest must log in one time per device to access WiFi
Integrate with StayFI’s email and text marketing tools or connect your 3rd-party email tool

Stability & Security

Secure Guest Networks

Separate guest and homeowner networks for increased security

Broadcast a new guest network in each home
Keep existing homeowner WiFi networks running with connected devices
Prevent nefarious devices from joining the WiFi

Get More Direct Bookings with StayFi

Take control of your guest WiFi & marketing starting at just $10/month.