StayFi Basics: WiFi Marketing For Vacation Rentals

StayFi Mesh WiFi Set-Up

What Is Vacation Rental WiFi Marketing?

The Story Behind StayFi

We’ve all been to an airport, coffee shop, or hotel where you need to enter information like your name and email in order to use the guest WiFi network. StayFi was founded in 2018 to provide this type of WiFi marketing services for vacation rental properties. 

StayFi grew out of a digital marketing agency through its work with professional rental management companies. We found that when working with vacation rental managers, it was challenging to market to guests directly because OTAs like Airbnb and Vrbo block you from gathering data like email addresses. Furthermore, collecting guest information from the non-booking guests was nearly impossible, and no one, Airbnb included, had much insight into who these individuals were.

We looked at several different options for collecting guest data and found that captive WiFi splash pages were the best way to both introduce the rental management brand and seamlessly collect valuable guest information. 

What differentiates StayFi from other WiFi marketing tools in the market is its focus on the vacation rental industry. Unlike tools for hotels or restaurants, StayFi’s hardware, installation process, pricing, and integrations are designed for rental managers of any size to take advantage of without technical expertise.

How StayFi Works

StayFi Set Up

StayFi works by connecting a device called an access point to a home’s WiFi router. The StayFi Access Point broadcasts a separate WiFi network that guests use to access the internet. The access point works with all types of routers and internet providers. 

StayFi’s WiFi access points leverage mesh technology, so every access point automatically connects with surrounding access points. In addition, each access point can either be a hardwired or wireless repeater in a mesh system, providing maximum flexibility in building large WiFi networks. You can read more about WiFi mesh here.

For guests to use StayFi, all you need to do is change the WiFi instructions, informing them to join the new guest network as opposed to the old password-protected one. If you have connected devices or homeowners that use the original network, you can keep the old network up and running. 

StayFi’s Access Points are managed from the cloud and can be controlled from StayFi’s customer portal. This means you have visibility across all of your WiFi networks and you can push any updates to splash pages or WiFi configuration remotely from your laptop.

A Better Guest Experience With StayFi

Vacation Rental Guest Wifi

When individuals book through an OTA like Airbnb or Vrbo, the reality is most are not aware of the vacation rental management company or its brand. Most think they’ve “booked an Airbnb” regardless of whether it is self-managed or part of a larger management company. Unlike hotel listings on OTAs, vacation rental brands can be challenging to display or are minimized to prevent guests from googling the company to book direct.

It is a safe assumption that when guests arrive at your vacation rental property, they are not aware of your brand and don’t know that direct booking is an option. StayFi is therefore your first opportunity to introduce your brand to all your guests. 

Logging on to the WiFi is also easier than ever for guests with StayFi. While you can set up a password for your splash page, most StayFi customers provide guests an open guest network. That means all guests need to do is select the guest network, enter their information, and they are good to go for the rest of their stay.

With StayFi, you also control what website guests are redirected to after logging into the WiFi, so this provides an additional opportunity to send guests to your website or a digital house guide. In addition, StayFi provides the tools to automatically email guests when they first log onto the WiFi network through email automation. You can set up multiple emails to automatically send to guests when they log in and then over the subsequent weeks and months to remind them how to book directly with your vacation rental company. 

The StayFi Portal

Your StayFi WiFi system is all managed through an easy-to-use online portal. One of our customers, Fernie Direct, has offered to let us use their portal as an example to show the real-life customer experience. 

StayFi Dashboard

StayFi Dashboard

On the StayFi Dashboard, you have a high-level overview of your guest WiFi networks. Here you can see whether you have any WiFi outages, how many guests are currently using your networks, and historical performance. You can see that in one property, we are able to collect upwards of 16 different unique guest emails over the past 7 days. With larger properties, it is not unusual to collect emails from 80%+ of total guests yielding over 30-40 emails in the course of a week.

StayFi Property Management

On the Properties page, you have clear overview of all your homes and the status of access points in each one. Larger homes sometimes need multiple access points to achieve full coverage, so you may have more than one assigned per property.

When you add new properties you can select which splash page guests will see. Many customers choose to create unique splash pages for each property to provide that next level of customization. For rental managers that use digital guest books, like Touchstay, you can set a unique redirect for each splash page sending all guests directly to your guide.

StayFi Splash Pages

StayFi Splash Page Creator

Creating splash pages in the StayFi portal is easy with our splash page builder. Simply upload your logo and a background image, and you can customize your splash page. In addition, you have the option to request a phone number as well as require a password on this page. With the redirect URL, you can send guests to your website or to a specific page, like a digital guest guide. 

StayFi Integrations And Guest List

StayFi automatically sends guest data to most popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact. In addition, StayFi can also integrate and send data to vacation rental software providers like NAVISTrackBluetent, and others. StayFi will integrate with any service that has a public-facing API for no extra charge. 

You also have access to your full guest list in the StayFi Portal. You can download this guest list as a csv for any other purpose you may have. All the data collected by StayFi is owned by you, the customer, and you have the ability to control how and where it is used. 

StayFi Access Point Management & Wireless Networks

Under Access Points, you can see the details of all your access points across properties. This is where you can assign and reassign access points if you need to move them between properties. All changes are pushed through the cloud remotely, so there is no need to go back on site. 

Changing the guest wireless network name is also easy from the StayFi portal. The guest network has the same name in every property, so you only need one set of WiFi instructions for all your properties. There is also an admin network with a standard password you can set for employees and other types of users to access. 


StayFi Connected Devices

Connected Devices displays all the current devices in your properties. This gives you instant access to see what activity is taking place in all your properties. 


The Future of StayFi

What's Coming Next

At StayFi, we are working on new tools to make marketing to guests even easier and more effective. These include features like text message marketing, social media integration, and cross-marketing between customers through our platform StaySource

Signing up for StayFi is easy and there are no monthly fees for your first access point. Sign up here to get started today.



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