Cloud-Managed Mesh WiFi

A Better WiFi Experience For Vacation rental Guests

StayFi Mesh WiFi Set-Up

Vacation Rental Mesh WiFi made easy

Plug and Play Set-Up

No need to “adopt” devices, run special software, or configure devices on-site. Access Points are delivered ready to plug into your router with our provided cables. 

Easy, Scaleable Networks

Automatic Mesh For Complete Coverage

All StayFi Access Points automatically mesh together to extend coverage or to consolidate networks in multi-unit buildings.

Vacation Rental Mesh WiFi

View From The Clouds

All Your WiFI Networks on One Screen

Your team can check on the status of all your WiFi Networks remotely so no guest ever shows up to WiFi that doesn’t work.

WiFi Cloud Management

Backed By Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti is the standard for high-performance WiFi.

StayFi’s vacation rental marketing software is built on top of Ubiquiti’s award-winning UniFi Hardware. 


We host your hardware on our secure servers so it is ready to use when it arrives at your short-term rentals. 

Hardware Warranty

All devices purchase through StayFi have a lifetime warranty for defects. 

We will replace any hardware that stops working. 

Ubiquiti Hardware

Enterprise Mesh Network backed by ubiquiti

Sign up and launch Your Mesh Network

Vacation Rental WIFi Management