Webinar: Building a Better Direct Booking Strategy For Vacation Rentals

Book Direct Strategy For Vacation Rentals

Build A Better Direct Booking Strategy For Vacation Rentals

StayFi partnered with Beyond and The Switchback Email Marketing Agency to bring together three experts on creating a better book direct strategy for short-term rentals. The topics covered include: – Building a Direct Booking Website – How to Collect Valuable Guest Data – How to Approach Email Marketing

Book Direct Statistics For Vacation Rentals

Direct Booking Trends From Beyond

Direct Booking Share of Vacation Rentals

Based on data from Beyond, the percentage of direct bookings for vacation rentals has been in decline for the best four years, falling from 46% to 28%. At the same time, the share of bookings from Airbnb has increased form 10% to 41%. Beyond believes that the recent jump in Airbnb’s share is attributable to first-time short-term rental bookers. This underscores the importance of educating these new short-term rental users of the advantages of #bookdirect with technology like StayFi.

More Direct Bookings Is The Top Goal For Vacation Rental Managers

Top Priority For Vacation Rental Managers

Survey data from Beyond‘s research also shows that for North American Property Managers with 16+ listings that their top priority (35%) is to increase direct bookings. In addition, the third and fourth priorities were growing brand presence and capturing repeat bookings. To find more information on increasing direct bookings, refer to our blog post on 5 Ways To Increase Vacation Rental Direct Bookings.

Arthur Colker

Arthur Colker

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