Vacation Rental Marketing Case Study: Heirloom

About Heirloom

Heirloom is a vacation rental operator that believes group travel should never mean compromising on luxury amenities and beautiful design. Their name comes from their belief that an heirloom is a one-of-a-kind, precious memory. Something that cannot be ordered online or mass-produced. Their co-founders, Dan and Frank, established Heirloom to bring this originality directly to their visitors. Each of their homes is custom designed by our team of interior decorators, local artists, and architects to create an experience that cannot be replicated.


Heirloom has 100+ active properties under management.


Boston, Savannah, Austin, Nashville, New Orleans, Scottsdale (USA)

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The Results

Increased Direct Bookings

Drove $35,000 in direct, repeat bookings in the first 6 months with StayFi’s email marketing

Increased Email List 

Heirloom has collected over 50,000 emails in 6 months with StayFi


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Troy Ibarra

Troy Ibarra

Marketing Manager for StayFi

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