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StayFi & Boostly Webinar: Vacation Rental Marketing Tactics To Drive Direct Bookings

Vacation Rental Direct Book Webinar

Sign Up Vacation Rental Book Direct Webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYFWZZUc_CI&t=1627s StayFi Founder Arthur Colker and Boostly Founder Mark Simpson team up for this webinar on “Turning Lookers Into Bookers – Direct Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Today.” In this video, Arthur & Mark will discuss how vacation rental managers of any size can implement tactics to increase

StayFi Case Study: StayDuvet

StayFi Case Study: StayDuvet

We sat down and interviewed the team at StayDuvet to better understand how they have used StayFi to not only cut down on guest Wi-Fi issues, but also collect valuable guest data.

StayFi Adds Text Marketing For Vacation Rentals

StayFi Text Marketing

Sign Up Why Text Marketing For Vacation Rentals Besides paid search ads (SEM), email marketing has been the primary marketing channel for driving direct bookings in the short-term rental industry. Recent surveys show that email marketing remains the preferred method of marketing communication for almost 50% of consumers. However, text marketing was 2nd with 25% of

Webinar: Building a Better Direct Booking Strategy For Vacation Rentals

Book Direct Strategy For Vacation Rentals

Sign Up Build A Better Direct Booking Strategy For Vacation Rentals StayFi partnered with Beyond and The Switchback Email Marketing Agency to bring together three experts on creating a better book direct strategy for short-term rentals. The topics covered include: – Building a Direct Booking Website – How to Collect Valuable Guest Data – How to Approach Email Marketinghttps://youtu.be/-LOJ38TE3f8 Book

10 Commonly Missed Spots in Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Sign Up This article was written in partnership between StayFi with TurnoverBnB Professional vacation rental cleaners move from property to property, sometimes cleaning five or more rentals in a single shift. It’s no wonder certain areas in your rental go overlooked during cleanings. Below, learn about 10 of the most common spots missed during vacation

How To Set Up StayFi Outside The United States

StayFi Global

Sign Up How to Set Up StayFi Anywhere in the World The purpose of this guide is to show how to set up StayFi anywhere in the world. While based in the United States, StayFi now has short-term rental companies using our WiFi marketing & management system in over 15 countries. With StayFi, these short-term

Webinar with Syncbnb: How To Increase Vacation Rental Direct Bookings

Vacation Rentals Direct Bookings

Sign Up Partnering with Syncbnb to Increase Vacation Rental Direct Bookings StayFi and Syncbnb are working together to help our short-term rental partners increase their share of direct bookings and increase brand awareness amongst their guests. Recently, StayFi Founder Arthur Colker and Syncbnb Founder Alexander Caravitis hosted a joint webinar on ways to generate more

StayFi Partner Promotions & Deals

StayFi Partner Promotions and Deals

Sign Up StayFi Launches Partner Promotions & Deals With Top Vacation Rental Software Providers & Consultants At StayFi, we have been busy building relationships with like-minded companies that are at the forefront of the building the vacation rental #bookdirect movement. At the center of everything we do is helping vacation rental owners and managers build

Create a Vacation Rental Website: An Easy 7-Step Overview

Create Vacation Rental Website - Easy Guide

Sign Up This Post Was Made In Partnership With Syncbnb How To Build Your Own Vacation Rental Website – #BookDirect A solid vacation rental website is the hub of all your short-term rental marketing activity. While social media campaigns, email sequences, and articles all have their own, distinct purpose – it’s your website that should