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StayFi Partner Promotions & Deals

StayFi Partner Promotions and Deals

Sign Up StayFi Launches Partner Promotions & Deals With Top Vacation Rental Software Providers & Consultants At StayFi, we have been busy building relationships with like-minded companies that are at the forefront of the building the vacation rental #bookdirect movement. At the center of everything we do is helping vacation rental owners and managers build

Create a Vacation Rental Website: An Easy 7-Step Overview

Create Vacation Rental Website - Easy Guide

Sign Up This Post Was Made In Partnership With Syncbnb How To Build Your Own Vacation Rental Website – #BookDirect A solid vacation rental website is the hub of all your short-term rental marketing activity. While social media campaigns, email sequences, and articles all have their own, distinct purpose – it’s your website that should

3 Steps to Streamlining Vacation Rental Guest Communication

Sign Up Vacation Rental Guest Communication Any experienced host will be able to tell you that maintaining flawless guest communication is key to your success in the vacation rental industry. It is crucial when it comes to building a good relationship with your guests and enhancing their experience by making them feel special and welcomed.

StayFi Launches Occupancy Alerts

StayFi Occupancy Alerts

Using StayFi occupancy alerts, you can set a unique guest threshold for each property and designate an email that will be alerted if that number is ever exceeded.