StayFi Customer Spotlight: UpStay

StayFi Customer Spotlight: Upstay

How UpStay Uses StayFi to Enhance Their Service, Attract Direct Bookings, and Improve Brand Recognition

Upstay is a tech-enabled vacation rental management company that operates 350+ short-term vacation rental properties across Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Panama. Since starting with StayFi in 2020, Upstay has increased their guest database by over 60,000 emails while improving their ability to manage WiFi networks across 100s of properties.

Upstay operates many large properties with 6+ bedrooms, so StayFi gives them the unique capability to capture not only booker contact information, but also data from every guest at the property who elects to join the WiFi.

According to Upstay’s CEO, Andrew Lenjosek, “StayFi has increased our brand awareness and database growth exponentially. StayFi’s contact information gathering process is compliant, includes all necessary disclaimers for opting in, but most importantly, has a gentle and friendly user experience which aligns very well with our brand values.”

Before StayFi, Upstay was manually soliciting contact information from just the guest who made the booking – a cumbersome and sub-optimal process to gather this valuable data. With StayFi, Upstay has seen a steady increase in direct bookings, as their ability to reach out to past guests and garner new referrals has grown.

In addition to StayFi, Upstay’s tech stack includes Guesty, Vintory, PriceLabs, Breezeway, and NoiseAware. Using this stack of Guesty integrated tools, including StayFi’s integration with Guesty, provides Upstay the edge to deliver superior service for both guests and homeowners.  

In addition to guest data collection, Upstay’s CEO also praised StayFi’s ability to “streamline the process of joining Upstay’s WiFi networks across our property portfolio”. With properties spanning from Canada, to Orlando and Brazil, Upstay needed an international solution. StayFi’s plug and play UniFi access points broadcast one WiFi network name in all properties – making the guest WiFi instructions the same in every home. In places where homeowners want their original networks running, those can remain as well (with guests just joining the StayFi network). StayFi’s easy to use dashboard also provides uptime history and WiFi outage alerting for Upstay’s staff, helping them ensure 100% WiFi connectivity in every property.

Upstay StayFi Dashboard

To learn more about how StayFi can enhance your book direct business and improve WiFi performance, you can schedule a demo with StayFi here.

Arthur Colker

Arthur Colker

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