StayFi Launches Advanced Integration with OwnerRez

StayFi OwnerRez Integration

StayFi's integration with OwnerRez brings New Marketing and WiFi tools to OwnerRez Users

OwnerRez is a fast, flexible vacation rental software which provides direct booking websites, channel management, and a full suite of short term rental management tools to homeowners and property managers. StayFi’s integration with OwnerRez lets OwnerRez users import their guest list into StayFi and use StayFi’s internal email tool to stay in touch with past guests. OwnerRez users can also use StayFi’s wifi splash pages to collect the contact information of every guest, not just the booker, thereby growing their guest list quicker and having a more complete idea of who is staying at their properties.

With this two-way integration, guest data collected by StayFi will automatically be matched with reservation information from OwnerRez to build a more complete guest list for each stay. OwnerRez users can expect to see more guests associated with each reservation in OwnerRez, and will be able to set up marketing automations that get their brand in front of every guest through StayFi. StayFi will help OwnerRez users build brand awareness, expose all guests to upsell opportunities, and make sure all guests book direct in the future.

How It Works

1. Connect your OwnerRez account to StayFi.

2. StayFi imports all past and future OwnerRez Contacts.

3. StayFi’s email tool lets you send email campaigns to all OwnerRez guest data + guest data collected from StayFi WiFi.

4. StayFi triggers dynamic occupancy alerting based on OwnerRez reservation data.

Read the full StayFi knowledge base article here.

Email Marketing

StayFi’s email marketing tool is built with property managers in mind and makes it easy to send guests one-time campaigns or enroll them in automated journeys which send multiple emails over time. Automatically trigger emails based on check-in / check-out dates or when each guest logs into the wifi. Use the template tool to automatically brand your emails to your website’s design, or work with our partners at Switchback for help setting up professional templates and automations.

Use email marketing to grow your brand by welcoming guests to the property, upselling guests during their stay, and staying in touch with guests throughout the year.

Learn more about the OwnerRez integration and setting up email marketing.

StayFi Email Marketing Pricing

WiFi Tools

Implementing StayFi’s wifi splash pages is even easier with the OwnerRez integration. Importing your properties from OwnerRez makes setup faster and enables new functionality.

Receive alerts when more guests than the number reported on the current reservation connect to the wifi at each property.

Add reservation information from OwnerRez to your StayFi guest list to create a powerful CRM that has information on all of your guests and reservations.

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