Lynx & StayFi Partner To Provide Integrated Access, WiFi, and Upsell Solutions For Short-Term Rentals

Lynx StayFi Partnership

A New Partnership That Unifies STR In-Home Tech

Vacation rental home automation company, Lynx and vacation rental WiFi company, StayFi have teamed up to launch a new integrated solution that enables seamless implementation of Lynx & StayFi tools for short-term rental property management companies.

The Lynx | StayFi Partnership

The Lynx | StayFi partnership will make it easy for short-term rental operators to implement keyless entry, guest data collection, and upsell tools, facilitated through one onboarding process. Customers can order their in-home technology from Lynx and have it all work seamlessly together the moment it is plugged in at their properties.

Lynx and StayFi share the mission of providing short-term rental operators the tools they need to build more profitable businesses. When customers order any of the smart devices offered by Lynx, their devices will come pre-programmed to a single WiFi network broadcasted in all properties by StayFi, for a truly plug and play onboarding experience. 

With StayFi powering their WiFi, Lynx customers will have access to a central dashboard displaying the WiFi speeds and uptime histories of all properties, ensuring that smart devices like door locks and thermostats stay online. StayFi will also promote the property manager’s brand and collect guest data through its streamlined WiFi login experience, which can be used to drive guest engagement with StayFi’s marketing tools or using a PM’s existing marketing stack.

Delivering Integrated Service For VHC Stay

Through a pilot program with VHC Stay, a 500+ home vacation rental property management company, StayFi & Lynx demonstrated improved operational efficiency and guest engagement through this partnership. With StayFi broadcasting a unified WiFi network across all properties, Lynx was able to ship all smart devices pre-connected to a network they knew would be at each home. Everything worked out of the box and installing Lynx smart devices was a seamless process for VHC’s team. Implementing StayFi additionally allowed VHC to increase brand awareness and automatically capture the data of any guests connecting to the WiFi. 

Stefan Hollands, VP of Growth & Expansion at VHC Stay, said “As we scale rapidly in the United States, the Lynx | StayFi partnership has proven instrumental to seamlessly onboard new properties into the VHC portfolio. Once onboarded, we are achieving both operational efficiency and 100% brand awareness with guests no matter where they booked.”

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Arthur Colker

Arthur Colker

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