StayFi Customer Spotlight: Cozi Vacation Rentals

StayFi partnered with Cozi Vacation Rentals

How Cozi Vacation Rentals Uses StayFi to Improve WiFi, Drive Direct Bookings, and Increase Brand Recognition

Cozi Vacation Rentals manages and serves guests at over 150 vacation rental homes all over the beautiful state of Texas. Being one of StayFi’s first customers back in 2019, Cozi Vacation Rentals has learned how to use StayFi to its maximum potential, and Cozi has made StayFi an integral part of their service.

Founder and CEO of Cozi Vacation Rentals, Matt Durrette, has highlighted the benefits of receiving data from guests using StayFi as it has allowed them to drive direct bookings and increase their brand recognition. With over 15,000 guest emails collected, StayFi been an integral part of growing Cozi’s #bookdirect business to over 30% of total bookings. In addition, Cozi can now manage all of their WiFi networks from one dashboard and uses one simple guest network name to make sure everyone can connect easily to WiFi during the stay.

In addition to beautiful homes and great amenities, Cozi Vacation Rentals also offers Cozi Concierge, a service to help make the most of your precious time while away. By planning your vacation prior to arriving, you can feel stress-free and relaxed and ensure any extras are arranged in advance. Guests are able to book wine tours, massages and even hire a private chef for a great evening without leaving the comfort of their rented home.

In addition to StayFi, Cozi Vacation Rentals also uses Point Central, Track, Revyoos, and Beyond Pricing to provide top level property management service. 

Cozi Vacation Rentals has many beautiful homes, including Starry Night! This 8 bedroom, 7 bathroom mansion sleeps 26 people and includes a jacuzzi, pool and outdoor kitchen. See pictures below and visit Starry Night to #bookdirect with Cozi Rentals today!

Cozi Vacation Rentals aims to be the first and best choice for customers and owners in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding vacation rental destinations. When planning your next vacation to Texas, consider supporting the short-term vacation rental community and booking directly with Cozi Vacation Rentals.

Jack Naidrich

Jack Naidrich

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