StayFi Customer Spotlight: JZ Vacation Rentals

StayFi Customer Spotlight: JZ Vacation Rentals

How JZ Vacation Rentals Uses StayFi to Enhance Their Services, Attract Direct Bookings, and Improve Brand Recognition

JZ Vacation Rentals is a property management and short-term vacation rental company that operates in over 8 states in the United States and also internationally. They started using StayFi’s services over one year ago and have reaped the benefits of additional guest information since then.

Founder and CEO Alex Zemiank has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and decided to name his real estate company JZ Vacation Rentals after his father. Alex speaks very highly of StayFi, in particular how it has accelerated JZ Rental’s growth and profitability. When discussing why he decided to start using StayFi he stated that “Our goal has always been to grow our own luxury travel brand that is extremely strict when it comes to what we call our Guest Standards,” and that StayFi is how JZ turns Airbnb/Vrbo guests into JZ brand loyalists. 

JZ Vacation Rentals boasts about StayFi’s ability to increase their email list by 500-1000% each week as compared to previously. This increase has allowed them to now have 25-30% of their booking revenue coming from direct bookings, which was virtually 0% when JZ started with StayFi.

In addition to StayFi, JZ Vacation Rentals uses Streamline, Noiseaware, StayFi, Hostfully, Guest Ranger, Breezeway, RevMax, and PointCentral to enhance their property management service.

JZ goes above and beyond as all properties managed by them undergo a “150 point inspection” to ensure that they provide brand consistency and comfort across their inventory of properties. In addition to this, they offer 24 hour guest support to make sure everyone is taken care of at any time of the day. For your next trip to anywhere in the country and beyond, consider checking out JZ vacation rentals to see if they have a home to fit your needs.

Jack Naidrich

Jack Naidrich

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