StayFi Customer Spotlight: Righteous Rentals

StayFi Customer Spotlight: Righteous Rentals

How Righteous Rentals is Using StayFi to Increase Direct Bookings and Provide a Better WiFi Experience

Righteous Rentals is an exceptional vacation rental and property management company that services San Diego County, California. With 25 properties under management, Righteous Rentals has made building an independent brand a priority since its founding in 2019. Righteous Rentals’ owner, Gregory Rollins, a retired Marine Corps Officer and helicopter pilot, has made it his priority to provide 100% satisfaction for both home owners and travelers. 

Gregory came to StayFi in 2020 to help solve two of their key challenges:

1. Become less dependent on Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s like Airbnb & Vrbo).

2. Enhance internet monitoring and connectivity. 

Now with StayFi installed for over two years, Righteous Rentals has reported back that their repeat, book direct business has grown substantially. In addition, Righteous Rentals has been able to use StayFi’s Occupancy Alerting to maintain peace of mind for the homeowners that entrust them with their properties.

When it comes to internet security, Gregory Rollins stated that StayFi has “Revolutionized how we do our internet services and has helped evict tenants performing illegal operations on the internet through information received from their system.”

One way that Righteous Rentals has become a trusted name for guests booking direct is that they offer many services to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests such as:

  1. A best-rate guarantee
  2. 24/7 customer service
  3. No security deposits
  4. In addition to StayFi, Righteous Rentals uses Track, Noiseaware, DACK, and automated pricing to provide an exceptional property management service.
  5. If you are planning a visit to San Diego, Righteous Rentals is the perfect choice for immaculately managed properties. Their favorite local spots include the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, the awesome beaches, amazing restaurants, concerts and events like Comic-Con. Consider booking with them for your next vacation and supporting our vibrant short-term rental community.
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Troy Ibarra

Marketing Manager for StayFi

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