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How to Set Up StayFi Anywhere in the World

The purpose of this guide is to show how to set up StayFi anywhere in the world. While based in the United States, StayFi now has short-term rental companies using our WiFi marketing & management system in over 15 countries. With StayFi, these short-term and vacation rental operators are now able to collect marketing data (emails, phone numbers etc.) from every guest, introduce their direct booking brand, and provide a better overall WiFi experience for guests.

How StayFi Works

To broadcast guest WiFi with a captive portal, StayFi uses UniFi devices from Ubiquiti – one of the leading manufacturers of enterprise-grade internet hardware. These devices, called Access Points, are mesh devices, capable of forming WiFi networks that can cover single family homes as well as large multi-family buildings – see more on the basics of StayFi here.

In the United States, short-term rental owners and operators can order Ubiquiti Access Points directly from our store. When ordered from StayFi, these devices come ready to be plugged in and start using immediately. Outside the U.S., using StayFi requires one extra step to add these devices to your StayFi account that we will help walk you through. 

Also, if you already use Ubiquiti UniFi equipment, we can also connect StayFi to your existing set-up. 

Setting Up StayFi

One of the main reasons we partnered with Ubiquiti is that the hardware is widely available and commonly used all around the world. If you’d like to use StayFi, follow these steps to get started.

You can create a StayFi account here. When you create an account, you’ll never be charged until you activate an access point, so feel free to create one a take a look around.

You can order hardware from Ubiquiti directly in many countries or from distributors. The most common access points used by StayFi customers are the long-range access point and lite access point, but we can connect to any of the UniFi hardware. You can email [email protected] if you have questions about what devices are the best fit for your properties.

Here are links to different stores you can order from:

 – EU & UK Store

 – Canada Store

 – Mexico Store

 – Brazil Store

 – India Store

 – Japan Store

 – Australia Store

 – New Zealand Store

 – United Arab Emirates

 – Costa Rica

 – Israel

 If you don’t see your country here, you can search the full catalogue of Ubiquiti distributors here. 

Each access point will require two ethernet cables (not included) to plug into your Wireless router (usually a modem/router combo in a residential property). All of the access points, except for the WiFi 6 devices, come with the PoE injector needed to supply power. If you order a WiFi 6 device, there is a link in the Ubiquiti store to the compatible PoE injector needed to use the access point with a router (PoE injector is not needed if you are using a PoE switch).

To Summarize, here is what you need to purchase:

1. UniFi Access Point

2. PoE Injector (included with all access points except for the WiFi 6 devices)

3. Two cat 5e or cat 6 ethernet cables

Once your devices are ordered, reach out to [email protected] to schedule time to add your access points to your account. It will take around 30 minutes to add 10 access points to your account, so we will work with you to find a time that works for you.

To add access points, you’ll need a computer, access to a WiFi router and 2 ethernet cables per device. Once we’ve added the devices to your account, you’ll be able to place them in the rentals on your own schedule.

Arthur Colker

Arthur Colker

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