StayFi Integrates With OwnerRez

StayFi's New Integration With OwnerRez

StayFi is excited to announce our latest integration – with the Property Management System (PMS) OwnerRez. Our latest integration will enable OwnerRez users to more easily onboard their properties into the StayFi Portal as well as automatically send guest data from StayFi into the OwnerRez CRM database.

Most property managers that use OwnerRez will integrate with both OwnerRez and their email marketing tool (like MailChimp) as StayFi seamlessly transmits data into both of these important tools simultaneously.

If you are interested in trying OwnerRez to help manage your own properties, you can access a 14-day free trial here.

How The OwnerRez Integration Works

Importing Properties When Setting Up StayFi

After creating your custom branded StayFi Splash Pages, the next step in the setup process is to add your properties to the StayFi Portal. Each property can have its own splash page and occupancy alert threshold in StayFi’s WiFi management system.

In the Properties section of StayFi, there is now an option to “Import Properties From PMS.”

Import OwnerRez Properties to StayFi

Now, you’ll have the option to select OwnerRez and proceed with the integration.

Select OwnerRez Integration
OwnerRez Integration Page

Once OwnerRez is integrated, you can select which properties you’d like to import into StayFi. When importing, you’ll select which StayFi Property Group you’d like to associate each property with. StayFi Property Groups are a way to more easily organize your properties – for instance by building or market/city.

Importing OwnerRez Properties into StayFi

After importing, the selected properties will appear in your StayFi Properties page. You’ll also be able to go back and import more properties or change how properties are associated with their corresponding OwnerRez property by clicking the Sync with PMS button. 

StayFi with OwnerRez Properties Imported

Now, you’ll be able to go to the Access Points page and associate your StayFi Access Points with each of these properties as you install them.

Syncing StayFi with OwnerRez's CRM

After completing the OwnerRez integration, all of the guest data you collect with StayFi will automatically be added to the OwnerRez CRM

StayFi OwnerRez CRM Sync

Now every guest who logs into WiFi in your rental properties will be reflected in OwnerRez. If one of these guests makes a new direct booking, you’ll also now see they are a returning guest – even if they weren’t the primary booker during their first stay.

More Information About OwnerRez

OwnerRez is a comprehensive booking management engine, built by people who have vacation rentals of their own. It integrates with channels like Vrbo, AirBnb, and to seamlessly synchronize availability, rates, rules and listing content while taking online bookings, managing inquiries, and communicating with guests. OwnerRez provides modern fast websites, guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements and can process payments directly, including auto-scheduled future payments. OwnerRez also provides travel insurance and damage protection insurance, as well as integration with QuickBooks, property management/owner statements, and other power features.

You can read OwnerRez’s documentation about StayFi here for more information.

Arthur Colker

Arthur Colker

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