Start Collecting Contact
Information From Every Guest


Seamlessly capture the name and email of every guest that uses WiFi


Increase brand awareness through a custom branded WiFi splash page


All data is delivered directly to whatever CRM or email service provider you want to use

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Deploy Mesh WiFi And Start Saving On Internet

Enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade mesh WiFi in the home environment

1. Cloud Management & Outage Alerts

Monitor WiFi status from the cloud and receive outage email alerts.

2. Automatic Self-Healing Mesh

Plug in your Access Points (APs) and they connect to the cloud and to each other automatically, creating an encrypted mesh network.

3. Auto-Channel Optimization

WiFi works best when it utilizes smart technology to reduce channel interference on a daily basis.

4. Lifetime Warranty

All StayFi equipment comes with a lifetime warranty and will be replaced at no cost to you.

5. LTE Failsafe

StayFi can add LTE back-up to your service for continuous internet coverage in high-end luxury accommodations.

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Grow Revenue with StayFi

Partner with StayFi’s experts to maximize the revenue-earning potential of your guest data.

Email Marketing Automation

With automated emails during and after every stay, StayFi enables you to provide guests relevant, branded content.

Text Marketing

Stay top of mind with guests by sending relevant and personalized content directly to their phones.

Digital Marketing

Market on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, targeting just the guests that have stayed in your homes before.

Non-Competitive Data Partnerships

StayFi helps Vacation Rental Managers monetize anonymous customer data through non-competitive data partnerships.

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