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WiFi marketing Made For Short-Term Rentals

Built On Enterprise-Grade WiFi

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Cloud Management

Easily manage your distributed network across all your properties from one single window. 

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Outage Alerts

Learn about and fix any outages before your guests do. with customizable alerts. 

Boost Your Network

Lightning Fast Mesh

Simultaneous dual-band WiFi supports over 50 devices using the latest WiFi technology standards.  

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

More Than Just Poweful WiFi

Data collection is just the beginning. StayFi provides services to ensure every guest knows your brand and comes back to book again and again. 

email Drip Campaigns

StayFi will set up email automation in your email service provider based on industry best-practices.

Custom Redirection

Have a digital house guide? Redirect every guest to the URL of your choice after they log into WiFi.

Integration Support

StayFi integrates with a wide-range of CRMs & Email Service Providers and appends data with custom fields .


StaySource is an opt-in program where we combine guest emails across partners and cross-market property managers.

More Coming

We're working on some awesome features made for short-term rental operators.

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StayFi FAQ

Plug the StayFi Access Point we send you into your existing WiFi router. The devices comes pre-programmed for each property and will set itself up.

StayFi integrates with your current email service provider to send guest data directly to you.

In addition to name and email, StayFi can collect additional optional custom fields .

You can leave your existing WiFi networks running or turn them off. Just make sure to give guests new WiFi instructions.

StayFi does not resell data. Data is owned by our property manager customers and any data-sharing, such as participation in StaySource, is managed on an opt-in basis.

StayFi will customize your splash page with your logo, imagery, fonts, and branding.

Our default is not to have a password. This way no guest ever calls you again about how to log onto WiFi! However, if you want a password we can support one.

You can either keep those on your existing network or white-label them to access the new guest network in StayFi your portal. 

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