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Vacation Rental WiFi That Collects Valuable Guest Data

Brand WiFi, collect guest data, and increase direct bookings – all while providing a better WiFi experience for vacation rental guests.

WiFi Marketing

1. Plug in StayFi

Plug StayFi into your existing router with the provided cables.

2. Collect Guest Emails

Every guest has to enter in their information before using the WiFi.

3. Market To Guests

Use StayFi's email & text marketing tools built for short-term rentals.
Vacation Rental WiFi

Make Sure Guests Know Your Brand, Not Airbnb

Collect Emails From Every Guest, Not Just The Booker

Create your own custom branded WiFi splash page that every guest uses to log into your vacation rental’s WiFi.  StayFi ensures every guest remembers your brand, not Vrbo or Airbnb.

A Better, Consistent WiFi Experience

Reduce Short-Term Rental WiFi Issues

StayFi uses a cloud-managed mesh WiFi system that is easy to install and simple to monitor.  You can easily monitor all your networks remotely and prevent WiFi complaints from guests. 

Vacation Rental Mesh WiFi
StayFi Text Message Marketing

Text & Email Marketing Built for Vacation rentals

Engage Guests With Text & Email Marketing

StayFi’s internal text marketing tool is built for any short-term rental operator to easily drive bookings and gather 5-star reviews. In addition, StayFi is partnered with Switchback email to provide an email marketing tool built for short-term rentals.

Have Questions?

Drop us a line and we will help design the best system for you

WiFi Marketing Services For Vacation Rentals

Guest data is only as useful as your book direct strategy and tactics. Use our best-practice guides or hire our digital marketing experts to automate your marketing and start generating more direct bookings for your short-term rentals automatically. 

Innovative Direct Marketing

Generate Repeat Direct Bookings

Leverage our marketing expertise to automate marketing and increase your share of direct bookings.

Vacation Rental Alliance

Join A #BookDirect Alliance Built on Shared Guest Data

StayFi customers have the option to join StaySource, an alliance of property managers who want to generate more direct bookings. 

Vacation Rental Email Marketing
Vacation Rental Direct Booking Alliance

Meet Our Customers

Vacation Rental Brands powered by data

Top Property Managers are using StayFi to increase brand awareness and drive more direct short-term rental bookings.

Property Mangers Love StayFi

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What does the data show?

Results From Our Customers

In Partnership with our customer, Heirloom, we  accessed their PMS data and surveyed their guests to measure the effectiveness of StayFi. 

Email collection rate (% of total guests)
Average open rate for marketing emails
% Respondents that would check Heirloom's website when booking their next trip.

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